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Description of Course
Format for lab reports:

Graphing with Excel (old version!):

SI Prefixes:

Preview of Course- Presentation:
- Standard Model & Relativity Summary:


- Strategy:
- Practice
-- Constant Acceleration:
-- Free Fall:

Lab Activities:
- Uniform Motion:
- Ball Toss:
- Graph Match:
- VPython Simulation

Vectors and Projectiles


Relative Velocity Practice problems & Solutions:
Vector practice problems & solutions:

Solution to Relative Velocity Quiz (Yellow/Tan blocks):
Solution to Relative Velocity Quiz (Purple):
(Check video page if having problems with Law of Sines)

Solving Projectile Problems (with solutions):

Practice Problems:
-- Full solutions to practice problems:
(answer to #4 should be ground speed of 144 km/h and flight time of 1.88 h)

Special Relativity - Part 1

PowerPoint Slides:

Formative Assessment Solutions:

Practice Problem with solution:

More Practice for Test:

Warm Up Questions:

Newton's Laws of Motion
Overview PPT:

Ramp Geometry:

Solving Newton Law Problems:

Example of Solving 2-body problem:

Free Body Diagrams:
-- solutions:

Strategy to Solve NLM problems and practice problems with solutions:

-- More practice problems with solutions:

Labs & Activities
Inertia Balance Lab
- directions:
- Excel Spreadsheet:

Newton 3rd Law lab:

CERE and Inertia - Sample:

Circular Motion and Gravity

- centripetal acceleration:
- historical background:

Lab Activities
- flying pig:
- Kepler and Dark matter:
- Visual Python & Binary Star simulation:
- NASA Exoplanet orbits:

Practice Problems
- orbits & gravity:
--- Solutions:

Solutions to Circular Motion Quiz:

Solutions to Orbit Quiz:

Collision Problems & Solutions: