List of Books - Modern Physics

1. Steven Weinberg, The First Three Minutes: A Modern View on the Origins of the Universe. NY: Bantam Books ,1977
Short book describing the theory of the big bang and the experimental data behind it, literally covering the first 3 minutes of the universe.

2. Edwin A. Abbott. Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. NY: Dover Publications, 1992.
Very brief book describing a hypothetical world of 2-dimensions, combination of math book and social commentary; good way to view
the problem of multiple dimensions in string theory.

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3. Michael Frayn. Copenhagen. NY: Anchor Books, 1998.
A play about a meeting between Heisenberg and Bohr at the start of WW2 where they discuss their work on quantum mechanics and
atomic weapons (Heisenberg's work on the Nazi bomb program).

4. George Musser. The Complete Idiot's Guide to String Theory. NY: Alpha Books, 2008.
Basic introduction to string theory and basic concepts.

5. Martin Gardner. Relativity Simply Explained. NY: Dover Publications, 1962.
Classic guide to relativity by mathematics and science writer from Scientific American.

6. George Gamow. Mr Tompkins in Paperback. NY: Cambridge University Press, 1965.
Classic tale of bank teller Mr Tompkins and his adventures with relativity, quantum mechanics, and the theory of the big bang. Very

7. John Rigden. Einstein: 1905. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2005.
Description of the five major papers published by Einstein in 1905, including the special theory of relativity; published on 100th anniversary.

8. Brian Greene. The Elegant Universe. NY: WW Norton & Co., 1999.
Introduction to string theory used to create the Nova mini-series. Well written but a challenging read.

9. Stephen Hawking. A Briefer History of Time. NY: Bantam, 2005.
A condensed and simplified version of his classic - A Brief History of Time.

10. Stephen Hawking. The Universe in a Nutshell. NY: Bantam Books, 2001.
An update on his classic book - A Brief History of Time.